Yep, that’s it. Candytopia is a museum full of vibrant colors and tasty paintings and sculptures for both kids and adults to have fun while walking around over a dozen rooms covered in candy such as candy floss and taffy… But that’s not all of it!

If your mouth starts watering and you begin to crave the art, there are plenty of sweet snacks like gummies and chocolate-covered pretzels for you to munch on while admiring the space, which includes a marshmallow pit you can jump in — that’s the dream, isn’t it?

As for pictures, please, take as many as you wish (the museum is totally instagrammable after all), just make sure to enjoy yourself in all the interactive rooms designed for you.

The attraction opened in New York on August 15 at Penn Plaza, in Manhattan, and will stay there for four months. A second location opened on September 6 in San Francisco at 767 Market Street and will stay until the end of November. Ticket prices range from $26 to $34 (available here:, and even though they are a bit costly, the whole experience is so sweet that it’s totally worth it.

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