Flag Day

It’s everywhere. You have certainly seen it in movies and might have bought classroom objects with it printed all over. It’s on clothing and on the walls, there is a whole day to celebrate when it was adopted as a symbol of the land of the free and h…


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2018 World Cup: Here we go!

We are less than one week away from the 2018 World Cup kick-off, one of the most widely viewed sporting events in the world. The 21st edition of FIFA’s international male soccer tournament will take place for the first time in Russia. Whether you are a…


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Categoria: Dicas de Inglês

Do you know the sound of schwa?

Students are always struggling to perfect their pronunciation and accent. Certain sounds in the English language such as “Th” can present a real challenge for us. Little attention is paid to the Schwa though. Have you ever heard it? No? Well, then you’re in for a treat!


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Harry Styles is one the biggest popstars in the world. He is one of the members of the band One Direction. The band is very successful and has already sold millions of albums all over the world. Harry is coming to Brazil soon. His gig in Rio is scheduled to happen on May 27th.


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Categoria: Bastidores BRASAS

BRASAS is full of stars

In our classrooms, our Jedi teachers are superstars. Some of them are multitalented. That is, not only are they excellent teachers, but some of them also have artistic skills. Like these super heroes we present to you now. Meet Daniel, Leonard, Ana Caroli…


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