I and Me are both personal pronouns, and easily confused with each other, often being used wrongly. So, we thought we’d help you get rid of your questions once and for all.
            Use I with other subject pronouns (like we, she, he etc), when the pronoun is the subject of the verb. For instance:
            I am going to the mall.
            I got home early last night.
            Jane and I will go to the party.
            Notice that, in the last example, Jane and I forms the subject of the sentence (we).
            Use me with object pronouns (like us, her, him etc), when the pronoun is the object of a verb or preposition. For example:
            Louise invited me for the party.
            She gave a present to me..
            The stray dog followed Lucas and me to the door.
            Notice that, in the last example, Lucas and me forms the object us, so the use of I instead of Me would have been incorrect.
There is one exception. Look at this dialog:
        doorbell ringing
A)  Who is it?
B)  It’s me.
Even though “me” above is not technically the object of the verb “to be”, it is used as such.
            We hope to have helped! See you soon!
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