Curiosity – MONOWI
Monowi is an incorporated village located in Boyd County, Nebraska, in the United States.
Back in 2000, the census registered two people living there: a married couple, Rudy and Elsie Eiler. However, in 2004, Rudy passed away, and now his wife is the only resident. Elsie acts as the Mayor of the city, and pays taxes to herself.
Despite the village being almost abandoned, it has a bar called the Monowi Tavern, which belongs to Elsie, of course. Besides that, Elsie also maintains the 5.000-volume Rudy’s Library, which was founded in memory of her late husband.
The name “Monowi” means “flower”. According to tradition, this is the closest translation from an unknown Native American language. Monowi was named from the fact that there were many wildflowers growing at the site of the village.
Interesting, isn’t it?
Would you like to visit this place? Better yet, would you have the guts to live by yourself like this?
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