It’s everywhere. You have certainly seen it in movies and might have bought classroom objects with it printed all over. It’s on clothing and on the walls, there is a whole day to celebrate when it was adopted as a symbol of the land of the free and home of the brave.

On the 14th of June, the United States of America celebrates Flag Day. Although it’s not a federal holiday, around the country Old Glory – as the flag is commonly known – flies from sunrise to sunset. Americans are famous for their patriotism and make sure everyone knows every citizen owns a flag.

Everybody knows the colors as displayed on the flag and the visible details, such as the 13 stripes that start and end in red, alternating with white, the blue rectangle spangled with 50 stars, one for each state. The curious fact is that there are so many rules as to how and when the flag can be displayed that a law in the form of a rule book was created.

The Flag Code states that the flag should not touch the ground and while displayed at night it has to be illuminated. That’s pretty easy to do and remember, right? What many people don’t know is that no one is allowed to have the image of the flag on clothing, disposable materials or use it for advertising purposes.

Although the Code is a federal law, it comes with no punishment for those disrespecting it. That is up to each state to regulate. So you might see some people parading around with the Star-Spangled Banner shaped as a tank top on a hot summer day. Hurrah! Happy Flag Day, everyone!

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