This week, we celebrate Easter in most countries in the world. Each country has its own traditions. In Brazil, for example, we like to hang dolls on the streets and beat them up. It is the “Judas”, the iconic biblical character that, according to the story, betrayed Jesus. Sometimes, these dolls are named after famous politicians.


In Sweden, the children dress up as Easter witches and go from home to home in their neighborhoods trading drawings for sweets. Sound like Halloween?


In Haiti, Holy Week is marked by colorful parades and traditional “rara” music played on bamboo trumpets, maracas, drums, in a mix between Catholic traditions and voodoo.  


For Christians in Israel, Easter is a traditional celebration. The streets and alleys of the Old City in Jerusalem are packed with thousands of faithful pilgrims, and priests walk the Via Dolorosa, where Jesus walked.


But of course, the biggest thrill at Easter, at least for us, is the egg hunt! It usually happens on Sunday, the day we look for chocolate eggs our family members have hidden in the house. Some brands make very expensive luxury eggs, like this Godiva in the picture. Doesn’t it look delicious?


Happy Easter!

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