We all know that English can be a bit confusing at times, especially because there are too many words that look and sound alike, and sometimes their meanings aren’t all that different either. So, we’ve decided to put together a few words for you that are commonly confused with each other. Ready?

Breath and Breathe

Breath is a noun, and it means the air that is taken into your lungs and then let out. You’ll often hear the sentence: take a deep breath!

Breathe is the verb, it means to inhale and to exhale. And you can use it like this: breathe in, breathe out, or calm down and breathe.

Break and brake

Break can mean a lot of things (more on that later), but you first learn it as causing something to separate suddenly or violently into two or more pieces, and you can use it to say, for instance that she broke her arm or the kid breaks everything in the house.

Brake, however, has to do with your car. It works as a noun and a verb! As a noun, It is the device you use to stop your car from moving when you are driving. You might say I think there’s a problem with the brake. As a verb, it is the action you take to stop the car from moving when you are driving: I was cut off and had to brake abruptly.

Hoard or horde

Hoard is related to accumulation. When you hoard something, or a lot of things, carefully, trying to preserve them — even if they have no value whatsoever —, then you are hoarding. For instance, you can say that she hoards all kinds of objects, but mainly books.

Horde refers to a group of people, but usually in a derogatory sense.

Black Friday always brings a horde of people into the stores.

Lose and loose

Lose is going to be used as a verb, and it means to become unable to find.

He always loses his glasses when he takes them off.

Loose is an adjective, actually, and it’s the opposite of tight.

I slimmed down and now my pants are super loose.

The list goes on and on, trust us!

So, if you can remember some other words, let us know.

We hope we helped!

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